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Reminder about Potential Fraud Attempts

Please be aware that there is a current telephone scam attempting to obtain card information from consumers. This scam is directed at a wide number of individuals, and is not exclusively targeting First Priority Members.

There is a computer generated call claiming to be from “your” financial institution and informing you that your accounts have been frozen or will be shut down. The call directs you to call an 800 number, where you will hear a message asking for your account information.  You should be suspect of any call asking you for this type of information and should not reveal any information unless you have initiated a call. 

Should you receive a call that you believe is questionable, always your financial institution before responding to that call.  If you've responded to a call like this, contact your financial institution immediately. 

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Stay alert when you are Online!  FPCU does not request or require that you verify account information via email.  Emails from FPCU are strictly for notification purposes and may reference our website, but we would never ask that you  enter your account number and/or passwords to Online Banking.

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