Overdraft Protection Loans

Overdraft Protection is a line of credit that is attached to your Share Draft Account. You can use this loan to protect yourself from overdrawing your account, or to grant yourself an instant loan by writing a check.

  • The maximum amount you can obtain is $2500*
  • Increments of $250 are disbursed when you access this loan.
  • There are no fees for accessing Overdraft Protection and the Annual Percentage Rate applies to your current balance amount only when a balance is present.
  • Payments are required only after the Overdraft Line has been activated. Your Overdraft Protection Loan payment will be 2% of your principle balance plus interest due. The minimum payment is $25.00.

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*Aggregate balance of all unsecured loans with First Priority Credit Union cannot exceed $10,000.


Must be a current member of First Priority Credit Union to obtain approval on any loan product.