System Upgrade Update

During our recent system upgrade objective has been to meet your banking needs today and enable First Priority Credit Union to position itself so we can enhance delivery of products and services in the future. As always, our priority is you!





While there are always impacts during system changes, we tried to keep disruptions and changes to a minimum.  We are pleased to report that this upgrade was successfully completed with minimal impacts to our members.  There are some changes and a few items of note as we ended the month of July and begin our first full month on our new system.


  • Statements for month ending June 30, 2022, were delivered as usual.
  • A special statement that detailed transactions from July 1, 2022-July 8, 2022, were mailed in mid-July.
  • Statements that will detail transactions that occurred after July 8th and through July 31, 2022, will be mailed in early August.


What’s new or different Regarding Account Numbers?

  • You may notice that your account number structure is different. We have moved from a member number with a two-digit suffix that was based on the account type, to a member number with a four-digit share or loan ID.  If your old main share account number was 12345600, your new account type would be 123456 0000.  The last four digits will vary depending on the account or loan type.  If you have any questions regarding your member number or your account number, please feel free to reach out.
  • Your current ACH and Checks should not require any changes. If you are establishing any new ACH you should use the new account structure.  If you have questions regarding ACH, please feel free to reach out.

Online Banking and Bill Pay

  • Aside from the account number structure change, you shouldn’t notice any major changes to Online or Mobile Banking or Bill Pay functionality.

CU-Talk – Audio Response

  • The number you use to access your account information through CU-Talk has changed. If your Share Account number was 12345600, then the number you enter to access CU-Talk would be 123456. The first time you log-in you will use the last 4 of your Social Security Number and be prompted to change your PIN. Your accounts now have a 4-digit Share or Loan ID.


We appreciate your patience and understanding as we transition to a new system. We are confident that this change will enable us to meet your financial needs today and enhance your experience with First Priority Credit Union in the years to come.